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Ian Jun Wei Chiew is an artist currently working at Sony’s Sucker Punch. In the past he’s worked on

Now if we can just scale it, we’ll be able to kick those Kaiju’s asses. Danny Benedettelli has built

There’s a man in our office, let’s call him Danny. Because his name is actually Danny. Danny plays a

Can you hear that? Listen closely….it’s the ghost of a very cool 90s arcade game… Via RPS , Tokyo

In October 2014, Kevin Kanai Griffith, a Blizzard artist who had worked on both World of Warcraft and Diablo,

Moto X Style vs Moto X 2014: Should you be getting ready to upgrade? Motorola has unleashed its latest

Do you miss Angel ? You remember it, right? The Buffy spinoff where the hunky vampire-with-a-soul was a PI

OnePlus have made the world’s first product launch in virtual reality. Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus have unveiled the OnePlus

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Above: Is it time for Nintendo to take a second stab at VR? Nintendo has already promised fans that

YouTube today announced via twitter that it will soon support stereoscopic 3D 360-degree videos supporting more virtual reality content.

Ever since its reveal in 2014, Radial-G has promised to bring action-packed sci-fi racing to the Oculus Rift; and

Above: Make all the Marios. Nintendo has acquired another unlikely ally — just the latest in a string of

With the latest demo of Apollo 11 VR Experience, you can now experience the Moon landings for yourself. The

Moto X Style vs Moto X 2014: Should you be getting ready to upgrade? Motorola has unleashed its latest

Moto X Play 1 Hands-on with the Moto X Play smartphone As if the Moto X Style and the

Square Enix admits it "knew Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusivity would disappoint fans". It seems the decision to

motog3 15 Hands-on with the Moto G 3rd-generation smartphone The term ‘game-changer’ is a overused these days, but the

Starting at 9:30 a.m. ET, there will be twenty-four hours of brilliant racing on Belgium’s fantastic Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

It’s always annoying to choose between ‘self-driving cars’ and ‘driverless cars’ or ‘autonomous cars’ or any other of a

1 Many famous movie cars have featured gadgets and crazy-futuristic technologies that seemed beyond audiences’ wildest dreams. Now in

Reliable hero vehicles have been a necessity to crime-fighters for years. Well, at least for the heroes who can’t

Yes! More about Gen Con! It’s the greatest 4 days in gaming! Of course there’s more to talk about!

As if there weren’t already enough going on at Gen Con, there’s yet more to find out about. Hey,

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